Blogging: What's in it for Me? (That's you) Part III

Following Your Followers

In our last installment, our hero (you), were contemplating the value of listening as you set out to blog. We took a look at competitors of Moose Tracks Ice Cream and what bloggers are saying about thos
e brands as a way of listening to potential blog readers.

Today we are going to take a look
at comments. You'll remember from an earlier posting that comments are a great way for you to get feedback, interact with readers and for readers to interact with one another.

Here's a quick review. Readers leave comments on blog posts. I think it's to
o small, but at the bottom of my posts is the link to the comments page as you can see here. "4 comments" after the date/time stamp.

Click on the link "4 comments." Readers of my first post on Blogging placed comments in the box you see to the right and you can see Jeff's comment to the left.

How do comments facilitate listening? The obvious point that you can read and learn from the feedback. Also comments can be tracked by readers and commenters who check a box requesting e-mail updates each time a new comment is posted.

Also, each poster has the opportunity to list their blog/website address with their name which links to their site. After reading their comment you can link to their site to check it out. In some cases, comments are linked to a poster's web site which also helps you learn about your audience.

Quick review

  • Comments offer direct feedback about your blog

  • They facilitate conversation between your readers and you

  • You can link to a commenter's site through the link they provide

  • Commenters can link to your comments page, also may blog about post.

  • Analyzing websites/blogs provides important info about your readers and offers the opportunity to expand by linking to their site.

  • Starting a dialogue with the commenter helps build community.

For a great example of a comment exchange, check out the comments on Mack Collier's Blog post on Plurk on his blog The Viral Garden.

Next up: Tracking!

Happy Friday!

-I Can't Keep Up