Going Local: Event Calendars for Weekend & Summer Fun!

This weekend's Downtown Denver Arts Festival inaugurates all the summer fun Denver has to offer! There's no better place than Denver for outside summer entertainment. (And if anyone tells you different, just smile, nod and think, "they don't know what they are talking about." In addition to outdoor cinema, symphony in the park and numerous festivals, Denver is now home to the Mile High Music Festival.

Want to plan a hike with your honey? Catch some flicks? Spend a weekend volunteering? Or just kick back and listen to some tunes. Incorporate these calendars into your planning, social media sharing, or add your own event.

Some of these, like This Week In Denver, offer weekly e-mail updates, others reviews. Blogs like Culinary Colorado get the word out about niche events.

All 'round calendars
Denver Post
Denver Public Library
Fresh City Life
Metro Volunteers
Rocky Mountain News
This Week In Denver
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

With reviews
Local Buzzer

Blogs In the Know- finger to pulse!
Fashion and more: Cat's Pajamas
Cuisine: Culinary Colorado
DIY/Hipsters: The Fabric Lab

Cool trick!
Want to look for movie showtimes, but don't want to see a lot of ads?
Go to google and search "Denver showtimes" at the top is a link to "Showtimes for Denver, CO." (When did "showtimes" become one word?)

Don't forget
Your buddies on Facebook and MySpace who post events!

Happy Summer -I Can't Keep Up


Are We Talking to Ourselves?

Common Craft posted today on the lesson he learned at the Community 2.0 conference last week and made a great point. It is easy for those of us in the Online Social Media tribe to make assumptions about the online world and how many folks are using it AND the crazy number of technologies available that, for us, are fun. I am sure to the rest of the world, these technologies are just downright confusing.

What Do Online Peeps Really Want?

As you know, my main goal is to help folks with a background in traditional media learn about new media in the Web 2.0 world. Everyday when I post, it is so hard to decide if I am using too much jargon, is there an awareness of the post topic, are my readers really interested in the topic? Not to mention, "is this funny enough?" Do you have any idea how hard it is to be funny every day? Oh, the pressure!

Per the Nielsen Net Ratings, there are around 3.5 million internet users in the U.S. alone. The average person spends around 65 hours per month online and the top three brands are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. (Surprisingly, YouTube came in at 6th place.) Online users know about these brands, but what technologies are they aware of and using? Take RSS feeds as an example- only 7% of users use that technology.

I have addressed some topics like RSS, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Memes and Flock. My goal is to introduce these topics and generate conversation. This hasn’t always worked.

Sacrificing Explanation for Space
When I feel I don’t want to use space to explain terminology, I will link to the definition of the term which is usually a Wikipedia entry. I know, however, that this is not working because I can see from tracking statistics that few people click through to those definitions. Since I know many of you are digital immigrants, I know that you can’t get all of the stuff I am explaining.

Call for Feedback & Ideas
Gentle reader, please give me feedback on this topic. Are my explanations easy to understand? Are links to definitions a waste of time? What topics that I have covered need better explanation? What topics would you like me to cover? You can do so via the comments button below. And, if for some reason, you would not like your comment posted, just say so.

Future Topics
Web 2.0, FriendFeed, shared bookmark sites, niche online communities, MicroBlogging, MicroPR, video sharing sites beyond YouTube.


Busy Seagulls: Flock 1.2b Beta Launched

A few weeks ago I posted about, Flock, the Webby Award Winning browser that incorporates social media like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. (Not to mention blogs you follow, video and e-mail) The speedy little birds at Flock have just launched Flock 1.2b beta.

The new version now incorporates digg and Pownce. Digg allows users to find and share online content as voted on by its users. Pownce enables users to send files, links, events and messages to their friends and then have conversations with the recipients.

Aggregation of online information is a popular topic. Many think it will all merge as one giant application some day. Flock's easier, smarter way to keep your peeps in one place makes our life easier in the short run.

Keep in mind this is a beta version and while the browser is available for mass consumption, it may have some small bugs that need to be worked out.

-I Can't Keep Up


Are you an online community manager?

Do you manage a chat board? Manage a blog? Recruit people to sign up for an e-mail newsletter? Write e-communication content? Work with IT/web support to build a community network? Are you doing all of these things? Then you are an online community manager.

I don't bring this up to encourage everyone to run out and apply for this type of job, but rather to point out how important it is for organizations to recognize the resources necessary to build a successful online community. Additionally, online community management has to be coordinated with traditional media. It doesn't replace it directly, but serious thought needs to take place as to how it will happen, who will run the program, what technical resources are required, how it will dovetail with traditional media and what is the cost.

We are definitely in a period of transition and PR/community relations/marketing professionals need help making the transition whether that means appropriate training, or additional capacity to build an online community. While it is tempting to immediately engage in free online resources, being successful isn't just a matter of signing up for a Facebook page, or starting a blog. Community relations requires lots of personal interaction, online communities require the same, as well as the understanding of the technologies to best cultivate online relationships.

Online communities, often referred to as social networks (which I find silly, we have always had social networks, we should use the term online social networks.), are a different beast than traditional marketing. In order to build a strong relationship with committed, passionate customers/constituents, care must be taken to truly build a community. Attempts to gain immediate donations/sales from participants will remove the authenticity that online users expect. One of the reasons blogs and chat boards have become so popular is that the institutional element has been removed and people feel empowered by gaining first-hand knowledge on a topic/product.

In the future, I will take a look at a successful online community.

Happy Monday! -I Can't Keep Up


Sunday Funnies: Tickle Your Funny Bone

One of my favorite people has a really nice practice. Every night before she goes to sleep she reads the Onion. She literally falls asleep laughing. Well, there's no reason you can't do the same thing before you go to bed, or, to that Monday morning staff meeting, or, to dinner with your in-laws...

Comedy Central Watch fave video clips Colbert, Daily Show, South Park, et al.
The Peanuts A classic and they have cool screensavers & wallpaper.
Stuff White People Like: you will cringe as you recognize yourself in this satire...
The Onion: need I say more?
Bloom County: I know some of you consider this "retro," but these are creator Berkley Breathed's faves.
Elinor Lipman on what a waste it was to have Jenna's wedding on the "Ranch."
Mark Fiore's left-wing animated cartoon site.
Ken Catalino's right-wing political cartoon page on Slate.

Image credit: Berkeley Breathed.