word gets around: the math

In my last post, I talked about how to use social media in tight times. And, as luck would have it, someone helped spread my blog post through word of mouth online. In honor of the Society of Word of Mouth's conference today, SWOMfest, I am going to break it down for you by the numbers. (And, if you want to participate in the conference, you can watch it live on the SWOMfest website.)
What is Word of Mouth? (WOM) Storytelling- others passing on the stories of their direct or indirect interactions with a person, place or thing. Their stories can be flat, positive or negative- or a combination of the three. This morning's SWOMfest speakers Haley Rushing and Yaphet Smith talked about purpose, passion and how both drive your storytelling to create word of mouth. And, Haley pointed out - if you aren't out there telling your story, somebody else will be.

Today I am going to skip the content piece and just talk about how quickly word of mouth can travel online, by looking at the numbers. Keep in mind- content is important too, but we'll get to that later. This post is about showing how far something travels and how that happens.

My audience, including friends & followers on my blog, twitter, facebook, plurk, StumbleUpon, email subscriptions and online communities I belong to, is at 3,600+.

The key person who "Stumbled" my post, Te-ge Bramhall, has about 640 "subscribers" on StumbleUpon. She "stumbled" my post- which means she gave it a thumbs up and reviewed it on that website. When she did that all of her subscribers were notified that she stumbled it. A number of them and their friends- well over a thousand folks- visited my site. A few of them stumbled it too, but a lot of them signed up to be subscribers which is even better.

Then, after posting my gratitude to Teeg on Plurk, Mack Collier of The Viral Garden, also mentioned it on twitter. He has over 2,000 followers and about 100 of them checked out my site. One of his followers, @dayngr, "Re-Tweeted" his message and about 150 of her 2,000+ followers also visited my site.

So let's add this up. At a minimum, 8,240 people received word about my post. About 2,700 people visited my site 24 hours after I posted. I received almost 200 new email subscribers and about 200 new RSS subscribers. From a percentage standpoint that's pretty extraordinary. And most of it was because my friend Teeg thought it was a pretty good post and spread the word about it via online WOM. Thanks Teeg!

To check out the bios of Haley Rushing and Yaphet Smith, go to the SWOMfest website and click on their names. Also, @dayngr has a cool blog Honor, Duty, eMail in support of our troops! Check it out and send them some love via eMail.

One more thing. How do I know all this? I use Sitemeter to track all the traffic to my blog. One of the statistics it keeps is what website referred the visitor to your site. I was able to count all the visitors from each of these sites and any others that sent traffic to my blog- including Mack Collier's and @dayngr's referrals from their twitter pages. Pretty neat, huh?

Another spectacular day in Denver. How's yours?
-I Can't Keep Up

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Teeg said...

One thing I've learned is that if a post isn't good, all the sharing in the world isn't going to keep people there. Your article was the main thing, I'm just glad I could help get word out about it. :)