Blog Action Day 2008: Do your part to end poverty.

Today bloggers from around the world - about 9,458 sites with a reach of over 10,000,000 people - are participating to raise awareness about global poverty. Are we asking you to lead the charge? Quit your job and join the Peace Corps? Give up all your worldly possessions and donate the proceeds? No. (But you know you'd get a big star, or two, by your name if you did!)

A simple act like donating a goat for a family can have an extraordinary impact. It did for Beatrice, a Ugandan student at a US college, who was profiled by 60 minutes in 2005. Her family received the gift of goat and was able to sell the milk to make money, then able to send their children to school. Beatrice then won a scholarship to a high school in Kampala, Uganda's capital and it gets even better from there.

We are all a little overwhelmed with the financial situation at home and abroad, but, if you are reading this, you are probably a lot better off than a lot of other folks. Take a few minutes today to make an impact!

* Spend some time learning about global poverty at One.
* Organize friends and family to start a Kiva micro-finance project.
* Buy a heifer, pig, and/or goat to help feed a family at Heifer International
* Support the efforts of Dr. Paul Farmer and his team at Partners In Health

You don't even have to spend a dime- forward the link to this blog to your friends and family. And direct action to eliminate poverty works. In this video of his TED presentation, Dr. Hans Rosling shows how countries are pulling themselves out of poverty.

Take a shot at it! It's really pretty simple.

And if I didn't persuade you, Amber Naslund will in her Blog Action Day post. Beth Harte at The Harte of Marketing has a great post about helping women fight poverty close to home.


conniereece said...

Deb, this is such a great idea. My cousin in a missionary-social worker in the Philippines. He has a Pigs for Pastors program. US $50 will buy a pig for a pastor to raise. Income from the piglets will pay a church worker's salary for a year. And having a church daycare center means parents can work because they have a safe place to leave their children. Such an easy thing for so many of us to do -- and it makes such a difference in someone else's life.

I Can't Keep Up said...

Thanks Connie! That sounds like an excellent program too. There are so many programs that also include developing water resources for communities, microfinance, etc. It's great to see all this creativity put to helping people and solving the problem!

Do you have a link to Pigs for Pastors?