Children of the '80s: You Want Your MTV

OK, I am resisting the urge to publish a list of Hallowe'en online goodies here. For your Friday "goof-off" however, I am providing something else. Remember the thrill of getting cable TV in the '80s? And watching "All news. All the time" wasn't it. I have fond memories of remaining slumped on the couch, eating cookies and watching video after video on MTV.

Today's kids apparently think that MTV is "The Man." We know better and here is living proof: MTV Music. The site allows you to create a profile, view and list your favorite videos, build a friends list, etc. Some goodies are missing though. While album title, studio and genre are listed for each track, there is no release date noted. I am sure junkies will find even more stats missing. And why is Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up the second most viewed video? Also missing are the ability to create playlists, a help page and a blog keeping users informed as to the site's development. It's a good start though and enough to get people hooked.

Video Killed the Radio Star, Like a Virgin, Love Shack, Money for Nothing, and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) are all there to take thirty and forty-somethings down memory lane. It was nearly impossible to stop creating this list! I have to add though that there seem to be some notable exceptions to the collection: the band Men at Work, Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" and The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian." Sigh.

It was tough to pick one video to post! I am going with Peter Gabriel.

Happy Hallowe'en

-I Can't Keep UP

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