Cyber-Traffic: your blog on tour

Planning a vacation? Summer gas prices got you down? Maybe you can live vicariously through your blog as it travels around cyberspace. Among other places, my blog has been to Petaling Jaya, Malaysia; Rhiga, Latvia; The Pentagon (I am not making that up!) and Dakar, Senegal. (I want to learn to say Dakar like that lady on NPR- Dahkaahhrrhh.)

many people ask me how many readers I have for my blog. I never hear though, what sites has your blog been linked to or posted on? Generating traffic for your blog isn't just about putting it out there as an online magazine for your devoted followers. Blog traffic is both increased and enhanced by being linked to, or, getting posted to other blogs. Here are some examples of how my blog traffic has been increased by being posted on other blogs.

Your blog gets mentioned

I can think of two posts that drove a lot of traffic to my site. In the early days, Celeste Federico of Riverfront Park
mentioned my blog when I asked to interview her for a post. Mack Collier of The Viral Garden mentioned me in a piece on websites you can use to grow your blog. Both of which generated a flurry of traffic. And because Mack has such a large audience, I got a lot of traffic as at least seven other blogs linked to his post on Search Engine Guide.

A particular post generates interest on other blogs

My PlurkShop re-cap generated a lot of interest and even more when The Harte of Marketing compiled a list of all the recent PlurkShops.

Your blog is listed in the blogroll of another blog

Blogs as diverse as
Green Elevations, GroundFloor Media, The Harte of Marketing and C'est Bone have all kindly listed I Can't Keep Up on their blogrolls. When I check my stats

Posting comments on other blogs

Blog rookies may not know this, but when you post comments to a blog, your blog/website can be linked to your name. Other readers who find your comment interesting may click through to your site. In mid-June I posted a comment on this piece in Publishing 2.0 and received a lot of traffic. Also, blog authors appreciate the mention and return the favor by mentioning your blog in a future post, or linking to your blog in a blog roll.

Just a little food for thought as you build your blog!

Enjoying summer, hope you are too!
-I Can't Keep Up

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